What is cured hemp oil?

CBD or cannabis oil is used for a number of purposes. While we have heard stories about cannabis being used for getting a psychic high, more recently scientists have found many medicinal properties as far as cannabis is concerned. It is now being used for treating various types of illnesses, diseases and medical conditions. It is considered one of the most effective treatments for management of chronic pain, inflammation and also for various neurological issues. People with depression, tension and stress often need calming of their nerves and it is quite it has been found that use of CBD could make a big difference. Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that there are many reasons as to why there is a growing demand for hemp oil.

Basically there are two types of hemp oil and they are cured hemp oil and non cured hemp oil. Hence it is important to try and get answers to the question as to what is cured hemp oil and what is non cured hemp oil. Understanding this difference is important because it will help us to find better uses of both variants of hemp oil. So let us try and find answers for the same over the next few lines.

Some Basic Characteristics Of Cured Hemp Oil

When we talk about cured cbd hemp oil we are talking about oil which is smoother. Many often believe that it is stronger. This is not actually the fact, cured hemp oil is smoother and further it does not leave any room for additional THC to get into the composition. Hence this bursts the myth that with age the quality of the cured hemp oil improves. This is perhaps borne out of the belief that each time people use cured hemp oil from a jar, there could be moisture loss occurring. This is again based on the wrong belief that each usage leads to resin to composition ratio goes up a wee bit. This is not exactly true.

It would also be pertinent to mention here that cured hemp oil undergoes a process of carboxilation and oxidation. Hence it would again not be out of place to mention here that even the best of cured hemp oil might tend to become psychoactive if it is kept unused for a reasonably long period of time. However, these differences will be visible and understandable only to those who are seasoned users of hemp oil. Those who use small quantities of it for medicinal purpose will not the find the difference too obvious and measurable. Hence at the end of the day you must bear in mind that cured oil does undergo some changes when kept for a long period of time.

Non-Cured Hemp Oil

We can understand the difference between cured and non-cured hemp oil only when we have some basic knowledge about non cured hemp oil. This hemp oil is produced using an extraction process. The entire plant is used for extraction and they use a complex CO2 extraction process. This process does not use solvents and heat also is avoided. Through this process it is possible to extract all the necessary substances from the basic plant material. Hence this is a common method for obtaining CBD from various types of hemp plants. This method of extraction has a common advantage. It does not require heating of the oil or the various components. Therefore through this method not only CBD is extracted but it also could be used for extracting various other important and vital substances from the base plant material. These include CBD-A, CBC, CBV, CBN and also CBG. Additionally you also get phonols, pigments and terpenes when you go in for non-cured hemp oil. Hence there is no denying the fact that raw CBD finds much wider use because of the availability of various other compounds. However, there is a disadvantage as far as this form of CO2 extraction is concerned. It is an expensive method of getting hemp oil. However, when compared to bio-CBD oil it is cheaper. Further since the entire hemp plant is used you will get much wider benefits and advantages.


When it comes to actual usage, the onus lies on the customers to checkout with the doctors and find out as to which is a better option.

What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

What is CBD oil

Cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD has been associated with a number of medical benefits today. It has been proven to host medicinal properties treating various conditions including epilepsy, cancer, and anxiety. These properties have seen the product gain high popularity in the medical field.

Where do we get it

Cbd oil, on the other hand, is a product of the hemp plant. It has the properties of CBD itself and has been used by various doctors to treat various medical conditions. Though the use of marijuana is in some states illegal, CBD oil is not. Marijuana has high concentrations of THC which is responsible for giving the user a high that may cause some erratic behaviors. Cbd oil, on the other hand, has low levels of THC making it perfect for its medicinal therapeutic properties. Apart from high cannabidiol levels, CBD oil has various vitamins, nutrients, and minerals as well.


As mentioned above, there are a number of medical benefits associated with CBD oil making it popular among various groups of patients. Here is an overview of some of its benefits

  1. Pain relief- various terminal illnesses, eg. Cancer, are associated with chronic pain ranging from muscles, back and other organs. CBD oil has proven analgesic properties that make it ideal for treatment of such symptoms. It does this by disrupting neural activity temporarily. This is a welcome solution in cases where painkillers may no longer work as they should.
  2. Lowers inflammation- some conditions such as arthritis have symptoms that result in inflammation of various body organs. CBD oil, in this case, offers welcome relief in reducing inflammation. This is the same case with injuries and other accidents that may cause inflammations.
  3. Reduces anxiety- most psychological issues such as stress may yield anxiety. These symptoms can be treated using CBD oil. CBD oil in this case simply increases the production of positive hormones promoting a feel-good sense. As such, the user can easily relax and be in the proper state of mind. Arguments on paranoia caused by marijuana are however attributed to the high levels of THC. THC is known to have psychotropic properties.
  4. Cancer prevention- various studies have shown great strides in the prevention of cancer using CBD oil. Cannabidiol has anti-mutagenic properties which can be used to combat cancers. In multiple studies, The use of CBD oil has lead to the reduction and in some cases elimination of cancerous cells. The anti-mutagenic properties lower the chances of getting cancer.
  5. Treats epilepsy- epilepsy affects a significant number of people in our society. Various studies have shown that the use o CBD oil helps alter the physical and neural properties leading to the elimination of the condition.
  6. Boosts immune system- cannabidiol has been associated with the treatment of overactive immune systems. Use of CBD oil minimizes the risks of being affected by allergies and other trivial medical conditions
  7. Appetite- much as the use of marijuana shows, CBD oil helps improve a patients appetite. This may come in handy to patients or persons who have issues with low appetite.

Cbd oil has an endless list of benefits including The reduction of drug relapses, Improvement of heart health, Controlling diabetes, Skincare and curing insomnia among others.

What is it used for

On doctor’s advice, CBD oil can be used for any of the above reasons. It can be taken in form of capsules, creams, pastes sprays, sublingual supplements, and sweets among other forms. In the recent past, persons using CBD oil have preferred the use of vaping pens to do this. The technology is highly similar to e-cigarettes making it ideal for personal use.


As mentioned above, there is an unlimited number of medical benefits associated with cannabidiol. Some of the benefits are merely speculations while most are proven. The use of CBD is however guaranteed to be for the better. The low levels of THC assure the users do not get the psychotic disadvantages associated with marijuana while at the same time getting all the therapeutic advantage.

The use of the product should, however, be under doctors instructions to avoid an overdose or negative effects. Medical marijuana has been a part of medicine for years now, CBD oil is an extension of the same approach in medicine.

Does CBD oil get you high?

Marijuana has been used across many states in the recent past as a medicinal drug to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Although its proof to be a cure may not have been well established yet some people have believed to be. Medical marijuana has among other many active ingredients the cannabidiol oil (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ). These are the two most important and common active ingredients of marijuana. They play a very important role in the treatment of PTSD which has in the recent past become a common disorder across the world. Although the two components play the same role in the treatment they have some distinct differences as far as their interaction and effects in the body are a concern or even legality status.

CBD oil is obtained from a hemp plant while THC is a chemical that is extracted from a cannabis plant and is the one that brings about side effects of marijuana. As much as we may say that the two plays the same role in the treatment of PTSD, CBD may be highly recommended than THC, in that THC has more side effects than CBD.

The medicinal uses of THC include; act as pain-relievers, helps stimulates appetite, helps in relaxation and during sleep among others whereas CBD is used in removing anxiety, act as anti-psychotic agent, painkiller and protects the brain from damage. As far as psychosis is a concern, THC is psychoactive while CBD is not psychoactive in the sense that the user of the CBD will not have his/her mind malfunction or in short does not affect the feelings of the user. It is for this reason that we say that CBD has more health benefits as compared to THC. Although both are found in cannabis plants a lot of THC are in marijuana while CBD is found in plenty of hemp plant taking into consideration their contents.

According to how both react with the body, we can say that THC binds to the receptors in the body easily, therefore, stimulate the body uniquely hence causing the said side effects. This interaction is influenced by endocannabinoid system. CBD, on the other hand, interacts indirectly with the receptors in the body hence can manipulate a lot of receptors in the body. The difference in the interaction of the two ingredients is brought about by their difference in atomic formation.

In as much as we are defining these ingredients as medicine, they have some negative side effects in the body. THC alone has many side effects such as memory malfunction, coordination impairments, causes increased heart rate and lower the rate of reaction among others. On the other hand, CBD has less negative side effects. It is because of this reason that we report CBD as safer than THC.

Taking into consideration the legality status of the two, THC has been legalized for medical use only under the laws of different states and the recommendation of its use should be under the instructions of a licensed doctor. CBD, on the other hand, has been legalized in many states but limited to high-CBD and low-THC only. Unlike THC, CBD has been legalized both as a medicinal drug and for recreation since it is dietary.

According to differences explained above and as far as the effects of the two in the body is a concern, THC gets the user high while CBD does not get the user high. This difference is brought about by how the two interacts differently with the receptors it the body. THC over activates brain functions hence bring about brain malfunction which basically leads to change in the state of the mind. This changes together, therefore, makes the person high.

In a nutshell, THC and CBD are both products of marijuana used in the treatment of PTSD but they seem to perform totally different in realizing the same. As a matter of fact, despite all the differences the two have been used in the recent past to treat the post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the differences between THC and CBD as explained above in details one would recommend the use of CBD over THC as it is safer in the sense that it has no side effects as well as more legalized than THC in most of the states.

Ways Of Taking CBD Oil

Despite all the debate against marijuana, it is now a proven fact that the marijuana plant has a lot of health benefits. The plant contains a lot of extracts that can be used to treat various medical conditions. One of the most useful and popular extracts is cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD. It is normally extracted from the plant’s flower, leaves or stalk. CBD oil lacks THC, the active ingredient that makes people high when they smoke marijuana and therefore consuming CBD oil will not make you “high”.

CBD oil has become very popular since it is effective in combating various diseases. It can be used to minimize the effects of depression and anxiety, can help slow down Alzheimer’s disease, is very effective for controlling epileptic seizures and can even relieve muscle pain when applied to the skin. If you go shopping for some CBD oil, you will notice that it comes in many forms. You will find cbd edibles, such as capsules, cbd concentrate and even cbd topicals. This, therefore, means that there are many ways of taking CBD Oil. This article expounds on each method and will help you decide how you will take yours.

The most common way to take cbd oil is called the sublingual method. This involves placing a set dosage of cbd oil under the tongue so that it can be absorbed by the body. Under this method, you will mostly use cbd concentrate (which comes in a type of syringe) or cbd tinctures which come in a glass bottle. Place the recommended dosage under the tongue for 60-90 seconds before you ingest it. With this method, you will feel the effect of the cbd oil quickly, although you may not like the taste.

The second method is by direct ingestion. Under this method, you will ingest the cbd capsules just like you would do for other drugs and supplements. You can use beverages such as water, juice or coffee to help you swallow. Other creative ways of ingesting cbd oil involve chewing cbd gum or blending it into your favorite drinks. Since this method relies on the digestive system and wait for metabolism to take place in the liver, it might be a while before you feel the effect.

Another very popular way of taking cbd oil is by inhalation. This involves the use of a CBD vaporizer or vape kit and then “vaping” the oil. When you vape, the CBD oil will quickly get into your bloodstream through the lungs. It, therefore, has fast results, though some people don’t like vaping as they associate it with smoking.

Finally, you can also take cbd oil by applying it directly to the skin. For this option, you will make use of cbd topicals, which come in different types and brands. This method is not meant to get to the blood stream, but rather it is used to bring relief to aching muscles and joints. It can also help to moisturize the skin, and restoring its youthfulness. You can even use cbd oil shampoos to wash your hair which will clean and strengthen it.

What is CBD oil and how is it made?

CBD oil is one of the most valuable and highest quality vegetable oils considering its content of essential unsaturated fatty acids. These substances are vital for the proper functioning of our organism. It helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, for example, and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

So how is this little miracle made?

Hemp oil is made from cold pressed hemp seed. It has a pleasant nutty taste and a rich green color, which indicates a high content of chlorophyll, which acts as an antioxidantin the human body, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects and strengthens the immune system.

The hemp seed has an oil recoverability of about 30%, which means we can squeeze about 30 liters of hemp oil from 100 kg seed. When pressed, so-called compacts are still formed. These serve either as qualitative feed for livestock, e.g. horses or fish, or they are ground to hemp flour. Flour from hemp seed is gluten-free and therefore suitable for people with celiac disease.

Pressed oil from hemp seeds has virtually zero content of psychotropic substances. The seeds of industrial hemp contain trace amounts of THC and therefore cannot act as a drug. Hemp oil is also an ideal aid in lowering high cholesterol and blood sugar levels. One tablespoon daily helps prevent colon cancer or cardiovascular problems.

The most valuable substances in hemp oil are the essential unsaturated omega-3 – (linolenic acid) and omega-6 fatty acids (alpha-linoleic acid). Essentially, they are called because the human body cannot produce them and we have to take them from the food. Hemp oil has an ideal ratio of these essential unsaturated acids of 1: 3.

Essential fatty acids are vital for the proper functioning of our organism, as they serve as building blocks for the formation of endocannabinoids. These substances function within the endocannabinoid system, which maintains the balance in all vital systems of our organism: ingestion, digestion and excretion, multiplication, regulation and protection of the nervous system, skeletomuscular, endocrine and cardiovascular functions, burning of fats and sugars, defenses.

The endocannabinoid regulatory system also helps our body deal with physiological, biochemical and psychological stress to which it is exposed in interaction with its environment.

Endocannabinoids have a positive influence on the ability of humans to gain new knowledge and to deal with it. Therefore, it is essential for the development of a young organism to ensure adequate intake of essential fatty acids.

Hemp oil is also an ideal aid in lowering high cholesterol and blood sugar levels. One tablespoon daily helps prevent colon cancer or cardiovascular problems.

According to the recommendation of nutritional experts, every adult human needs an average of 7 g of linoleic acid daily, with up to 10 g recommended daily. This equates to 50 to 60 g of hemp seeds or 15 to 20 g of hemp oil daily (1-2 tablespoons).

Because it is virgin cold pressed oil, it is mainly used in the cold kitchen, for example salads, pasta, to taste spreads or sauces. The oil must be stored in the cool and dark for about 6 months for food use – after this time, it is suitable for external use for another 3 months.

Outer treatment with hemp oil is a suitable adjunct therapy for patients with atopic eczema, psoriasis, acne or dry irritated skin. Hemp oil moisturizes the skin and makes it supple, heals very well scars or burns. Ointments containing hemp oil also relieve back, muscle and joint pain.