The Insider’s Guide to 4health Dog Food

Everything You Need to Know About This Premium Brand

As a dog owner, you want to feed your furry friend the best diet possible. After all, nutrition has a huge impact on their health and happiness! I’m sure you’ve seen the overwhelming array of dog food options at pet stores, from generic kibble to artisanal freeze-dried patties. It can be so confusing to determine which brand is truly the best for your pup.

Recently, I discovered 4health dog food and wanted to share an in-depth review. 4health promises “premium nutrition at a sensible price”, but does it live up to the hype? Keep reading for a complete guide to 4health dog food including ingredients, nutrition, reviews, and more!

What is 4health Dog Food?

4health dog food is a premium pet food brand sold exclusively at Tractor Supply Company stores. It was launched in 2009 as Tractor Supply Company’s own brand of dog and cat foods. 4health is produced by Diamond Pet Foods, one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the country.

Diamond Pet Foods produces 4health recipes in their own facilities in the USA. This allows for tighter quality control and the ability to carefully source ingredients. According to Tractor Supply Company, the 4health brand aims to provide complete, balanced nutrition for pets at a mid-range budget-friendly price point.

4health Dog Food Ingredients

When choosing a dog food, the first thing savvy pet parents check is the ingredient list. The ingredients in 4health dog food include:

  • Protein sources such as chicken, lamb, salmon, turkey, duck or ocean fish meal. The specific protein varies based on the formula.
  • Carbohydrate sources like brown rice, barley, peas or potatoes.
  • Fruits and vegetables including apples, blueberries, carrots, cranberries and spinach. These provide natural sources for key vitamins and minerals.
  • Healthy fats from chicken fat, flaxseed, and fish oil. Fats support skin/coat health and supply energy.
  • Probiotics and prebiotics for digestive and immune health.
  • Natural preservatives such as mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) to keep food fresh.
  • Essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron, niacin, choline and selenium.

Unlike many brands, 4health does not use corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in any recipes. This makes it a good option for pups with food sensitivities.

Is 4health Dog Food Grain-Free?

4health offers both grain-inclusive and grain-free recipes to suit different dog’s needs.

Some dogs do better on a grain-free diet, especially if they have sensitivities like allergies or upset stomach. Dogs with grain allergies often improve significantly when transitioned to a grain-free formula.

However, grains like brown rice and oatmeal also supply important carbohydrates for energy. Veterinary nutritionists caution against feeding grain-free diets to some dogs, as this may raise the risk for heart disease.

With 4health, you can choose grain-free or grain-inclusive recipes based on your individual pup! Look for the “grain-free” label to identify these formulas.

4health Dog Food Product Line

4health offers an array of dry dog food recipes across four main product lines:

4health Grain-Free: grain-free recipes for dogs with food sensitivities. Includes unique proteins like duck, salmon, bison and venison.

4health All Life Stages: for puppies to senior dogs with chicken or lamb. Has different protein and fat levels for growth vs. maintenance.

4health Performance: high protein for active, working and sporting dogs with 30% protein.

4health Small Bites: smaller kibble for small or senior dogs who have trouble chewing.

There are also recipe specific to puppy, senior and weight management needs. Most formulas come in 5 lb, 15 lb and 30 lb bags.

Where to Buy 4health Dog Food

The only place to purchase 4health isTractor Supply Company stores in the United States or on their website. As the exclusive distributor, Tractor Supply has full control of the inventory and pricing.

You can use the store locator tool to find a Tractor Supply near you. Many locations now offer buy online, pick-up in store ordering as well!

If you live outside the US or far from a store, you can shop for 4health dog food on They offer free shipping for online orders over $49. You can also set up recurring Auto-Ship deliveries for added convenience.

How Does 4health Compare to Other Brands?

At first glance, 4health looks very similar to big name premium dog foods like Blue Buffalo, Nutro or Purina ONE. So how does it stack up against the competition?

Here’s a quick brand comparison:

  • Price: 4health is more affordable than most premium natural brands. A 30 lb bag costs $42 on average.
  • Ingredients: 4health contains no corn, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial colors or flavors. Very clean label.
  • Selection: Offers grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes for all life stages. Good variety!
  • Nutrition: Formulas are complete and balanced for puppies to seniors per AAFCO standards.
  • Manufacturing: Made exclusively in the USA with quality control oversight.
  • Sourcing: Does not source ingredients from China.

Overall, 4health delivers premium quality at a more budget-friendly price point compared to many competitors. The ingredient quality and nutrition mirrors high-end brands for less.

Feeding 4health To Puppies

4health has two dog food lines specifically for puppies:

4health All Life Stages Chicken & Rice: minimum 30% protein and 20% fat for growth

4health Just for Puppy: optimized protein, DHA, calcium, phosphorus and antioxidants

Both contain extra calories for energy and nutrients to support healthy development. The smaller kibble size is easier for small mouths to chew.

It’s important to feed puppies a diet labeled “complete and balanced”. Avoid homemade food or adult dog food which won’t have proper nutrition. Look for feeding guidelines on the bag based on your puppy’s expected adult weight.

4health Senior Dog Food Formulas

As dogs age, their metabolism and activity levels change. Senior dogs need a diet adapted to their needs. 4health offers two senior dog recipes:

**4health Senior Chicken & Rice: **gentle on older mouths with smaller kibble. Has glucosamine and chondroitin for joints.

4health Senior Grain-Free Trout & Potato: grain-free with fish protein for sensitive stomachs. Lower fat for less active dogs.

Senior formulas have adjusted protein, fat, phosphorus and sodium levels for older dogs. The antioxidants support immunity and brain function. Look for feeding guidelines on the package.

Does 4health Meet AAFCO Standards?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet food. 4health dog food formulas meet AAFCO guidelines for adult maintenance and all life stages including growth of large and giant size dogs and reproduction.

This ensures the formulas contain the right blend of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. To meet AAFCO standards, the food undergoes feeding trials or food formulation testing. Talk to your veterinarian about AAFCO guidelines when choosing foods.

Potential Health Benefits of 4health

Feeding my dog Lucy 4health for the past two years has made a tremendous difference in her health and vitality compared to cheap grocery store kibble. Here are some benefits I’ve noticed:

  • Improved skin and coat condition: Her coat is softer and shinier thanks to nourishing oils.
  • More energy: She has pep in her step and loves long walks now that she’s getting balanced nutrition.
  • Healthy weight: Keeping weight in check is easier with the right calorie content.
  • Better digestion: Prebiotics improve gut health and reduce stomach issues.
  • Allergy relief: Lucy’s seasonal allergies have greatly improved thanks to the grain-free salmon recipe.
  • Joint support: She moves with ease thanks to supplements for mobility.

While every dog is different, feeding a high-quality food like 4health can absolutely improve their wellbeing. I encourage trying it yourself to see the difference it makes.

4health Dog Food Reviews

Unbiased consumer feedback is so helpful when evaluating a pet food brand. Here’s what other dog owners are saying about their experiences with 4health dog food:

  • “This is the only dog food I’ve found that keeps my boxer’s skin allergies at bay. His coat looks so much better on the salmon formula.”
  • “I feed my three large breed dogs 4health Performance. They have great muscle tone and stamina for hiking and swimming. Love the results.”
  • “My shih tzu has a sensitive tummy but she gobbles up the lamb and rice 4health without any issues. Plus her poops are solid now.”
  • “I like that I can get quality food for my dogs without paying the ridiculous prices of the boutique brands. 4health offers excellent value.”

The majority of reviews for 4health are very positive. Most dog owners say it’s equal quality or better than premium dog food for a fraction of the cost. Negative reviews are rare and typically related to individual dog’s food preferences.

4health Pricing and Buying Tips

A 30 pound bag of 4health dog food costs about $40 to $45 on average. However, here are some tips to save:

  • Buy larger bag sizes like the 30 lb bag to get the lowest price per pound
  • Take advantage of sales, coupons and daily deals from Tractor Supply
  • Join the Tractor Supply rewards program for discounts
  • Set up recurring deliveries online to save an extra 5-10%
  • Consider splitting large bags with a friend if you have multiple dogs
  • Buy during Tractor Supply clearance sales when prices can dip below $30 per bag.

With smart shopping, you can stock up on 4health dog food at very reasonable prices!

Recipes for Dogs With Allergies

One of the top reasons pet owners choose grain-free dog food is to manage allergies and food intolerances. The grain-free recipes from 4health are great options:

Salmon & Potato: fish protein and gluten-free carbs
Duck & Pumpkin: novel protein and easily digestible
Venison & Potato: alternative protein source

I suggest trying a Limited Ingredient Diet formula when you first transition to a hypoallergenic recipe. This allows you to isolate the protein and carb sources.

Look for improvements in itching, hot spots, ear infections, vomiting or diarrhea. It often takes 6-12 weeks on the new food to see a reduction in allergy symptoms or improvements in skin and coat condition.

4health Dog Food’s Protein Content

One reason 4health stands out is the high protein content for healthy muscles and energy:

  • Puppy: minimum of 30% protein
  • Regular: minimum of 26% protein
  • Performance: minimum of 30% protein

The ingredient label always lists the minimum percentage of crude protein guaranteed.

This protein content surpasses many grocery store brands that can range from just 18-24% protein. More protein helps keep dogs satisfied while supporting an active lifestyle.

For large and giant breed puppies that grow rapidly, some veterinarians recommend limiting protein to around 25-27% to avoid developmental issues. Too much protein can accelerate growth rate.

Transitioning Your Dog to 4health

To prevent an upset stomach, transition your dog gradually:

Days 1-4: Mix 75% old food with 25% new 4health food
Days 5-8: Mix 50% old food with 50% new food
Days 9-12: Mix 25% old food with 75% new food
Day 13+: Feed 100% new 4health food

Spread meals out over this 2 week period. If stool becomes loose, go back to the previous ratio for a few days.

For best results, transition to a Limited Ingredient Diet recipe with one protein and carb source first. Then you can transition again to a formula with multiple proteins and ingredients after the initial switch.

Take things slowly and your pup’s tummy should adjust just fine! I suggest starting on a weekend in case the change causes any digestive upset.

Is 4health Made in the USA?

Yes, 4health dog food is produced in Diamond Pet Food-owned facilities based in the United States. Manufacturing locations include:

  • Meta, Missouri
  • Gaston, South Carolina
  • Californa, Pennsylvania
  • Dinuba, California

Diamond Pet Foods has U.S.-based plants so they can oversee all aspects of production. This gives them better quality control compared to outsourcing production.

Tractor Supply Company states that 4health dog food does not contain any ingredients from China. Some competitors source additives like vitamins and minerals from China which has lower safety standards.

4health’s Recall History and Safety Standards

Unfortunately, most pet food brands have faced a recall at some point due to the risk of contamination. 4health has only had one recall in its history:

In April 2012, Diamond Pet Foods issued a recall affecting multiple brands, including 4health, due to potential salmonella contamination.

Diamond took voluntary steps to ensure the safety of products produced in their South Carolina manufacturing facility. No illnesses were reported related to 4health food.

According to Tractor Supply’s website, all 4health products undergo rigorous safety testing including:

  • Microbiological analysis
  • Heavy metal inspection
  • Pesticide screenings
  • Antibiotic testing

These procedures aim to ensure the safety and quality of 4health dog food. I feel comfortable feeding it based on their safety track record after a decade on the market.

Wet and Canned 4health Dog Food

In addition to dry kibble, 4health makes a variety of wet and canned dog foods:

Stews: Chunky stews with chicken, beef, lamb or turkey mixed with veggies and broth

Wetlands & Ocean: Grain-free canned formulas with duck, salmon, catfish or boar

Puppy Formulas: High protein wet food for supplementing puppies

Senior Formulas: Lower calorie canned food designed for older dogs

Tray Meals: convenient individually portioned trays of wet food

Like the dry food, canned 4health is free of corn, wheat, soy, artificial additives and by-product meals. The cans have easy pull-top lids.

Adding some wet food to your dog’s diet provides extra moisture. This helps dogs who don’t drink enough water. Most dogs go crazy over the meaty taste too!

What is the Shelf Life of 4health?

Dry dog food can last for surprisingly long if stored properly in a sealed container. The shelf life depends on the formula:

  • Grain-inclusive recipes: 12 months from production date
  • Grain-free recipes: 18 months from production date

Check the best-by date stamped on the bottom or back of the bag for when it’s freshest. If feeding past the date, be sure to check for any changes in color, consistency or smell.

Once opened, the countdown begins. Reseal bags tightly and store in a cool, dry spot to maximize freshness. Try to use dry food within 6 weeks of opening.

Canned wet food only lasts for 3-5 days in the fridge once opened. Discard any uneaten portions.

Following storage guidelines helps ensure your pup gets all the nutrients in their 4health food!

The Bottom Line on 4health Dog Food

So what’s the verdict? Is 4health a good choice for your dog?

In my opinion, 4health is one of the best dog food brands available when you factor in quality, price, and ingredient transparency. They offer both grain-inclusive and grain-free options to suit most dogs.

I’m comfortable feeding 4health to my fur baby based on the:

  • Strict safety and quality control standards
  • Production in the USA
  • Premium ingredients with no fillers
  • Nutritionally complete formulas for all life stages
  • Positive reviews from other pet owners
  • Significant health improvements in my senior dog

For those on a budget, 4health provides excellent value. The price is very wallet-friendly for the quality. Give 4health a try if you want to feed your dog premium nutrition without the shocking price tag!

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